R095 PCトラック レールセットH 複線高架線セット (PC TRACK Rail Set H (Double Track Viaduct Set))

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複線高架橋 110mm(レール取付済)×7本 / 複線高架橋 110mm(レール、フィーダーケーブル取付済)×1本 / 複線高架線橋 R195/220-30°(レール取付済)×12本 / 橋脚×20本 / 単線架線柱A,B(ランナーパーツ)×各20本 / 橋脚用ラベル×1 / レールセットH取扱説明書×1枚

PKGサイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)30×8×40(cm)
本体サイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)9.5×48×92(cm)※セットを組み立てた時の寸法です。
素材 ABS、洋白、ステンレス


PCトラック レールセットH 複線高架線セットは複線高架レイアウトを作る為に必要なレールがひとまとめになったセットです。

Made in china
【Set Contents】
Straight track 25 mm x 2/55 mm x 1/110 mm x 2 / Curved track R195-30 ° x 8 /
Single-track truss iron bridge (with track) x 1 / Track with viaduct 110 mm x 7 / R195-30 ° x 16 /
Pier horizontal x 3 / pier slope x 20, relayer x 1

PKG size: Dimension (height x depth x width) 28 x 8 x 50 (cm)
Body size: Dimension (height x depth x width) 1 x 56 x 86 (cm) * When the set is assembled.
Materials: ABS, nickel silver, stainless steel.

The Rokuhan Z Gauge is a small-scale model railroad that you can view, collect, and enjoy running.
The most significant feature of the Z gauge is that you can enjoy the layout even in A4 size by taking advantage of the precision and small size unique to 1/220.
We have a rich lineup of tracks, structures, accessories, and cars(trains) !!

【Product features and usage, etc.】
PC Track Rail Set D Double Track Viaduct Set is a set that contains all the tracks needed to build a double-track elevated layout.
It is a basic oval layout using double track elevated tracks.
A larger layout can be built by adding tracks, viaducts, and piers (sold separately).
This product is a set that can be enjoyed in combination with the Shinkansen and 103 series trains that are currently on sale and have run in urban areas.
Please purchase the cars and controllers separately.

Target age 15 years and over.

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¥24,200 tax included