SS002-1 Zショーティーミニレイアウトセット(トンネルタイプ) (Z SHORTY MINI LAYOUT SET (TUNNEL TYPE))

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PKGサイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)24×8×25(cm)
本体サイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)13×21×25(cm)
素材 ABS、PCB基板


さらに本格的な情景作りにチャレンジしたい方には、各種ストラクチャーとシーナリーを一まとめにした、SS002-2 Zショーティーミニレイアウトセット<トンネルタイプ>専用情景セットも別売にてご用意しています。

Made in china
【Set Contents】
Z Shorty Mini layout set (Tunnel Type) x 1 / Kiha 40-583 (JNR Express Color) x 1 / Tunnel Base x 1 / Tree x 1 / Logo Sticker x 1

PKG size: Dimension (height x depth x width) 24 x 8 x 25 (cm)
Body size: Dimension (height x depth x width) 13 x 21 x 25 (cm)
Materials: ABS, PCB board

1/220 size tiny model railroad Z gauge car,
Z Shorty is a model railroad that is only half the length!
Although it is a deformed model, the attention to detail remains the same.
By combining the separately sold power chassis and trailer chassis with the car,
It is also possible to run like a regular Z-gauge car(train) !!

【Product features and usage, etc.】
This product is an easy-to-play finished diorama layout developed exclusively for Z Shorty.
You can improve the details by assembling and arranging the paper craft of the house or railroad crossing printed on the package or inserting a tree into the ground.
The attached car, "Kiha 40 JNR Express Color," is a car that has been active in painting with the image of JNR Express color for about two years from 2014 when it belonged to Niitsu Depot, and it is a limited color only for this set as Z Shorty!
For those who want to create a more authentic scene, the SS002-2 Z Shorty Mini Layout Set (Tunnel Type) exclusive scene set, which combines various structures and scenery, is also available.

Target age 15 years and over.

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¥6,578 tax included