T029-1 E6系新幹線 こまち 3両基本セット (E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi 3Cars Basic Set)

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E6系新幹線 こまち 3両基本セット×1セット/Treasureland TOHOKU JAPANシール×1

PKGサイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)25.5×2.8×17.9(cm)
本体サイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)1.8×32×1.6(cm)※全車両連結時。
素材 ABS、POM、亜鉛合金、黄銅、他



Made in china
【Set Contents】
E6 Type Shinkansen Komachi 3cars basic set x 1 set / Treasure land TOHOKU JAPAN sticker x 1

PKG size: Dimension (height x depth x width) 25.5 x 2.8 x 17.9 (cm)
Body size: Dimension (height x depth x width) 1.8 x 32 x 1.6 (cm) * When all cars are connected.
Materials: ABS, POM, zinc alloy, brass, etc.

The Rokuhan Z Gauge is a small-scale model railroad that you can view, collect, and enjoy running.
The most significant feature of the Z gauge is that you can enjoy the layout even in A4 size by taking advantage of the precision and small size unique to 1/220.
We have a rich lineup of tracks, structures, accessories, and cars(trains) !!

【Product features and usage, etc.】
The E6 Series Shinkansen is a new Shinkansen train for direct operation, commonly known as the "Mini Shinkansen," which is active on the Tohoku and Akita Shinkansen.
It was developed to replace the aging E3 Series Shinkansen and to operate at a maximum speed of 320km / h in the Tohoku Shinkansen section.
A coupler is installed in the leading car of car No. 11 (close to Tokyo), and the Tohoku Shinkansen (between Tokyo and Morioka) will be operated in combination with the E5 and H5 series Shinkansen.
By cutting the connection at Morioka Station, the Akita Shinkansen (between Morioka and Akita) will run independently on the conventional lines (Tazawako Line and Ou Line). The minimum mileage is R195.

Target age 15 years and over.

JR East commercialization licensed.

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¥17,380 tax included