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T002-10 DD51 842号機 お召し仕様 (DD51 NUMBER 842 (ROYAL TRAIN))

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DD51 842号機 お召し仕様×1両/ランナーパーツ(カプラーベースカバー×1/ダミーカプラー×1/アーノルドカプラー(長)×1/ナックルカプラー×1)×3(うち黒2、銀1)/日章旗パーツ×1/日章旗ラベル×1
PKGサイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)11×2.8×18.5(cm)
本体サイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)2×18×1.2(cm)※連結時
素材 ABS、POM、亜鉛合金、黄銅、他


DD51 842号機は、JR東日本高崎車両センターに所属するDD51の中で最若番機であり、JR東日本管内の非電化区間におけるお召し指定機となっています。
また、この車両がロクハン初のDD51 800番代の製品化となります。



【set content】
DD51 No. 842 x 1 car / runner parts (coupler base cover x 1 / dummy coupler x 1 / Arnold coupler (long) x 1 / knuckle coupler x 1) x 3 (of which black 2 and silver 1) / Japanese flag parts × 1 / Sun flag label × 1
PKG size, dimensions (height x depth x width) 11 x 2.8 x 18.5 (cm)
Body size, dimensions (height x depth x width) 2 x 18 x 1.2 (cm) * When connected
Material ABS, POM, zinc alloy, brass, etc.

Features of Rokuhan Z gauge
The Rokuhan Z Gauge is a very small scale model railroad that you can view, collect, and enjoy running.
The biggest feature of Z gauge is that you can enjoy the layout even in A4 size by taking advantage of the precision and small size unique to 1/220 size.
We have a rich lineup of rails, structures, accessories, etc. as well as vehicles !!

[Product features and usage, etc.]
The DD51 diesel locomotive is a diesel locomotive manufactured by the Japanese National Railways from 1962 (Showa 37) to 1978 (Showa 53) for the purpose of promoting smokelessness of the main line.
The model vehicle is a group manufactured without SG (steam generator) related equipment because the 800th generation is mainly operated by freight trains.
DD51 No. 842 is the youngest DD51 belonging to the JR East Takasaki Vehicle Center, and is a designated machine for non-electrified sections within the JR East jurisdiction.
During the JR era, he led the No. 1 train mainly in the non-electrified sections of the Tohoku area, such as the Yamada Line, Kamaishi Line, Kesen-Numa Line, Rikuusai Line, and Uetsu Line.
The first train was towed by this machine in 2002, and in the JR East area, it practically made a baton touch to the E655 series, but this machine still maintains the status of the designated machine and the E655 series. We also carry out traction tests.
Also during the JNR era, when the Wakashio National Athletic Meet was held in 1973, it ran on the Chuo Line, Sobu Line, Sotobo Line, and Uchibo Line as a traction machine for the royal train.
It is a vehicle with dignity suitable for a designated machine, such as a decorative band on the side of the car body and a silver handrail.
In addition, this vehicle will be the first commercialization of Rokuhan's DD51 800 series.
The minimum mileage is R95, which is very compact.

Target age 15 years and over

JR Hokkaido commercialization licensed

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