T035-2 国鉄 EF65形電気機関車 1019号機 レインボー塗装 (EF65 1000 Electric Locomotive Rainbow Color Number 1019)

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国鉄 EF65形電気機関車 1019号機 レインボー塗装×1両/ヘッドマーク×2/ジャンパ栓×4/列車無線アンテナ×4/GPS×3/避雷器A×4/避雷器B×4/ダミーカプラー×2/ホイッスルA×4/ホイッスルB×4
PKGサイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)5×2.5×18.3(cm)
本体サイズ、寸法 (高さ×奥行×横幅)1.9×8.1×1.3(cm)
素材 ABS、POM、亜鉛合金、黄銅、他




Made in china
【Set Contents】
JNR EF65 1000 electric locomotive rainbow color number 1019 x 1 car / Head mark x 2 / Jumper plug x 4 / Train radio antenna x 4 / GPS x 3 / Lightning arrester A x 4 / Lightning arrester B x 4 / Dummy coupler x 2 / Whistle A × 4 / Whistle B × 4

PKG size: Dimension (height x depth x width) 5 x 2.5 x 18.3 (cm)
Body size: Dimension (height x depth x width) 1.9 x 8.1 x 1.3 (cm)
Material: ABS, POM, zinc alloy, brass, etc.

The Rokuhan Z Gauge is a small-scale model railroad that you can view, collect, and enjoy running.
The most significant feature of the Z gauge is that you can enjoy the layout even in A4 size by taking advantage of the precision and small size unique to 1/220.
We have a rich lineup of tracks, structures, accessories, and cars(trains) !!

【Product features and usage, etc.】
We have reproduced the EF65 electric locomotive, used in various situations since its introduction, and the famous car used as a traction machine for different sleeper trains.
The minimum mileage is R95, which is very compact.

Target age 15 years and over.

JR East commercialization licensed.

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¥14,080 tax included